We Believe in Relationships

General Info:

For all our friends, buyers, clients who have been with us for so long. A little info


Hello everyone, we thought we would write this section as we thought you would like to know where your stones came from, some general info on how we select, who we buy from, how we work, how we think and how we look at the business as well as how we treat miners and our relationships with small miners, dealers, brokers etc here in East Africa.


We also buy from Women's groups, for instance there is a Group in Merelani who are buying low grade Tanzanite in the 0.2gm sizes and cobbing them. We have standing orders with them and buy regularly from them as well as giving them preference.

We support small scale miners by giving them advice and direction as to mining, how to use their capital effectively. We put them in the right direction. We advise them on what sizes to look for, clarities, colors etc.....and what prices we pay for what material which allows them to work backwards and make a profit and calculated decisions. We also help them look for markets for their material. And sell on behalf of them as well!!

We believe it is of the utmost importance in assisting and advising anyone who is in need of it, enabling them to benefit and to earn a livelihood. In other words we follow the "teach a man to fish" principles. Sometimes miners will come in not knowing how to grade their stones nor how to clip them, we explain and take the time to teach them. They have a great deal of respect for us and us for them. We feel it is unfair not to advise a miner or broker on what is the right thing he should do and how to select. So we educate them!

Many dealers don't bother with this but we think this is very important, If we develop the small miners and active brokers we believe this will not only help them but us too. The future of a constant supply of good quality rough depends on it.

This way, we too, have on the spot info on all gemstone and mining activity all over Tanzania, what stones are coming out, colors, sizes, what is being mined, what has come out, anything new. We have our finger on it. We get phone calls on the spot from miners rushing to sell.

We also know around 90% of the miners and brokers in Tanzania and they know us. So anything new comes in and we are one of the first to see it. We deal at root level with them and work fairly and to mutual satisfaction.


Fair prices- This is really important. As you note the material on our site is not at dirt prices as Thai and Indian dealers sell for, but we pay miners and brokers fair prices for their material without squeezing them to the point that they get totally discouraged!!! We pay fair, reasonable rates so that when the miner leaves he has sold his stones whole heartedly and is content and satisfied with the sale. Ethically this is important as miners are humans as well, they have the need for a livelihood just like us. I feel if there is a sense of goodwill and happiness in a transaction with a miner, then it feels good to do. its not worth squeezing them down too much. We buy top of the top rough selecting only the best and letting the others go. This way we maintain a standard.


Selection- We select only top material and offer most of it out as facet rough. We only select clean good shaped stones. In some cases cobbing them here. ALL of our rough is specially selected with emphasis on shapes. We try to remove all inclusions here before offering them out. We are extremely careful on our selection. We believe we are probably the best selectors with reference to top quality facet rough. Before, most dealers, (before 8 years ago) were just using the Eye Clean and 90%, 70%, 50%, 30% clarity. This does not say anything. We started using the Si, VS, VVS, and IF from 2001 as we thought this was fair to use. Lots of buyers were asking why the whole world is using the Eye clean method and we are using the Si, Vs, VVS, and IF method. Many dealers didn't like it as they could push Si goods as Eye clean therefore confusing buyers. why it was working for them is that most material can be graded as Eye Clean, but when you put a value like Vs or VVS to it it is more exact. We apparently as far as our knowledge, were probably the first dealers to start using the Si, VS, VVS, and IF system on facet rough and to describe rough. Then it sort of caught on. We felt this system was fair to us and for our clients. When we select here we only probably buy a few pcs per 1kg of clean rough. Most of material that comes in is slightly to heavily flawed. But what would be graded at 80 and 90% eye clean we would probably select only a few pcs from a 1 kg lot and offer it out. So what you are getting is the cream!

Eye clean in our view is Si-Vs or lower. if you would be interested in this grade in bulk then let us know and we can ask miners to bring in this material.


Cost of rough- Yep I guessed you knew I was getting to this. Prices have gone UP. The fuel price increase a couple of years ago didn't have much of an impact at that point but had a ripple effect in that food prices, clothing, shelter, labor costs ... Started going up in multiple rates. Taking into account that when a miner gets a small pocket or a vein its only 5% is facetable and of which only another 10-15% is clean. So you an just imagine... Lots of miners are just giving, up as costs are too high to make it profitable and when they go to the market to sell they get such low prices that it discourages them. For some reason the market doesn't believe that prices have gone up and fails to see it.

Good rough is going to be more expensive and hard to get.

We try and pick up all the top material we can get. We don't let anything go.


We also offer material out on behalf of miners.


Upbeat- There are lots and lots of new discoveries being made all the time here. new deposits, mines, veins, colors etc in all stones. eg. The Lindi Green to Red CC Garnets, Lindi Imperials the new colors, Umba Pad color Garnets, Aquas, Kenyan Green to Red CC Garnets etc..... and counting..................


Giving back- We support Miner groups, at present we regularly donate to Orphans homes around Arusha town. Anyone who would like to do the same please contact us and we will direct them to Orphanages, villages and NGO's here that can use the help.


Experience- Plenty of it, we are 4th generation gem dealers.


Synthetics- The main thing about gemstones is knowing the synthetics backwards as many brokers are very smart in that they even cement some carbon on stones also thermally shocking the stones to make inclusions. Lots of fosterite being peddled as tanzanite. You've got to know synthetics, what the look like and detect 100%.


Enjoy- yes we love what we do!


Disclosure- We fully disclose everything about the stone or parcel as well as a recovery rate if needed.


We try our best.



We believe in people and relationships.